5 Responses to The Masonic Funeral Service

  1. Richard Ingham says:

    It does sadden me that only a handful of the faithful do attend Masonic Funeral Services. Paying our last respects to our departed brethren is just as important as attending the extra meetings for degree work. By our example and encouragement we can reverse this trend.

  2. martinstrom42 says:

    It was written to encourage and foster understanding between the Masonic Fraternity and Ministers who may not *be members of the Masonic Lodge. While this letter is primarily addressed to the' clergy, we hope it will be helpful to others who may have questions about Masonic Funerals moreover Funeral Home Software has made job easy..

  3. Denise Maupin Watson says:

    I was a Job's Daughter in Alexandria VA (Bethel 4,which no longer exists). I am now 70 and am interested in getting involved with Masonic activities–would it be Eastern Star or what. My dad was a Mason and my mother was in Eastern Star.

  4. Barbara Gercone says:

    My father spent some 57 years in the Masonic Lodge. His Masonic funeral was so beautiful and I have never seen so many brother Masons in attendance at any other service. It was a tribute to him and his dedication to the Lodge.
    Not only his own lodge brothers but they came from many others in our area. I will never forget how wonderful it was to see so many of his fellow freemasons pay their respects. Not only my father, but uncles, a brother and one of my sons are Masons. Thank You

  5. It is not easy to be prepared for performing the last rites of a beloved person, as it makes us realize that the deceased person is never going to answer your call. Anyway, you may still preserve the personal belongings of the lost person in the cremation urn.

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